Where do I start?

I need legal help but I do not know to whom to turn. Finding a lawyer is not an easy job and it can be scary and confusing at times. This is especially true for those that have more than just money or property on the line. Some may be concerned about their family, their rights, their reputation, or even their freedom. It was once said to me that the key to being a good lawyer is to think of the whole process as a Broadway play. Each part plays an important role to making the play a success.

Is my case a good case?

First, we have to look at the case itself. The case is identical to a play’s script. Make no mistake about it, a good script generally means that the production will be good and a bad script will probably produce a “lemon”! The same principle applies to your law case. If your case is good, with the right lawyer you will have a good case. If your case is not very good or not very strong from the start, then you need to ask yourself, “How can I expect any attorney to make my case a good case?” Remember, the facts make the case!

Who do I choose to represent me and my case?

Next in line of importance is the attorney. The attorney is the main actor and it is his or her job to convince and prove to the audience that your case is good and strong. Who is the audience? Great question! The audience is the jury. The jury will critique your play and decide whether it is a good production or a bad production. How many of us have seen a good script completely ruined by bad acting and vice-a-versa, a bad script raised to a level of adequacy because of really good acting. A good lawyer knows how to appeal to the jury. How many times have you seen a criminal lawyer on television defend his client’s case with a passion equal to that of an angry professional football player being interviewed after losing a big game? This same criminal lawyer may not be the right choice for you if you are looking for a real estate attorney, but on the other hand, he may be just what you need – it all depends on the audience!

Where do I go to find a good attorney for my case?

That is another great question for you to think about before retaining an attorney for legal help. The courthouse is your stage and the stage can make a big difference in how an attorney presents his case. For instance, it is not realistic to expect a “Who’s who of directors” of a major Broadway hit to move her huge stage set into a small, itsy-bitsy high school. Searching for a lawyer is no different. You cannot expect a high priced downtown attorney, working for a large law firm, to travel 100 miles and close on your real estate purchase for a small fee. Don’t be “sticker shocked” when you are quoted a hefty fee! Know your stage!

How does the judge play a role?

The judge is the director and he directs the entire play (the hearing). The judge decides on how your case will proceed and it is his or her job to direct the attorneys and make sure the case runs smoothly. A judge can dictate how your case will be produced! A good attorney should get a strong feeling from the very onset on how the case will move forward at the moment he or she meets the judge.

Where do I turn if I still need help?

If you still have questions, which is to be expected, please feel free to contact me anytime. If I cannot help you, I will make sure I guide you in the right direction. You can email me at cicinelli@rnclaw.net or call my office at (630) 359-3105 any time.